Imagine your house

Imagine the universal, flexible, individual house for everybody to a low price.


Imagine a house for you to live in.

A house which you can plan and create and build – or with some craftsmen who help you or construct it for you.

A house which can be big or small, simple or with a lot of luxury.

A house with outside and inside surfaces which you can change in material and shape and color.

A house which grows with you and which rooms you can change according to your and your family’s needs again and again.

A House which is rigid and can withstand the weather and earthquakes and will last hundreds of years.

A house with a low impact to the environment, consisting mostly out of natural materials from your surrounding.

A house which fits in any surrounding and area and culture, in developed and developing countries. You can build it on solid earth without foundation, into a hill like a hobbit house, or even on a boat or on poles over the water.

Today is the start of this blog. The house, its idea and philosophy already exist. There are some websites in German about it. This blog will describe it in plain English.

This is a sticky post and will stay on top of this page. Other posts read below. Most of our blog posts describe the nature retreat houses and will published as well in the description pages of this site like a book with chapters. Start with the overview to get a first idea.

Affordable Houses

Let’s just give it a try: What is a house, affordable for everyone?

Let’s do some maths: The rent in Germany for a flat for two persons is maybe 500€ per month. which is 6’000€ per year or 60’000 in 10 years. I think a house you can pay back within 10 years is something affordable. (In other countries the rent and building prices will be lower – but ever our houses will cost less there). We can build a house with about 60 sqm (m²/600sqft) for that price, including foundation, installation and heating. According to German standards.

The price for the building plot is not included, and that is a problem. It may double the price, so we come to 120’000€. How to solve that problem?

  1. Use the plot for two houses and share the price with a friend. so each party will pay 90’000€. You can pay it back within 15 years. Still to much?
  2. Build one big house with a number of flats an share it with others. Big houses with let’s say 4 flats are cheaper, you get a flat all inclusive for 40’000€. So the price of the house is 160’000, the plot 60.000, together 220’000, one party pays 55’000. So for the rent of 10.years you have your own flat. You have still not enough money?
  3. You buy an assembly kit of our house and you build it yourself. If you do anything yourself (and you can do it, even with two left hands, but with lots of labour), you will save about half of the costs. 80’000 for the assy kit, 60’000 for the plot. 140’000€ divided by four: 35’000€ for one party.
  4. If you buy a standard assy kit with no luxury and get a cheaper plot, you can come down to even less.

https://i2.wp.com/zeitjung.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/%C2%A9bg-25Verde-174-800x400.jpgThis is a sample foto for further development of your house. Click at the pic to view it at source.


The calculations sound affordable, but you will have now a lot of questions, haven’nt you?

What if you or your friends will move? – you can sell the house or one flat forthe real market prices an earn a profit. Or you can let it to a tenant – also to market prices. And you will get tenants and customers, because the house is lovely and the flats are practical and convenient for use.

What if you will extend your living space e.g. for children? – You could build a second storey on top of your house – or extend it – or you could buy a neighbouring flat and combine it with yours to ab bigger flat.

You can see: There a lots of solutions with our houses. Changing the footprint and extending the living space is easy – and it makes your house even more interesting.

If you have questions, just contact us. Even if you live outside of Germany, we may find an affordable soluition for you – we are kind of flexible…



Get in gear and build it.

In general our house can be build anywhere around the globe. What you need is:

  • a site for your house – or a plot you are allowed to use if you have it on wheels
  •  an idea how your house would look like
  • a building plan and list of material
  • a planner which can make legal plans for your area – if needed
  • a producer for the timber beams – harcore workers will do it DIY…
  • materials from the surrounding or the building store
  • a construction team – possibly with you as the leader
  • some few tools
  • some special materials like our insulation foil and our special screws

The very first thing is to get an idea what your house should look like and how the footprint will be. This can be done on the lawn with a lot of sticks to mark your house and the room outlay. Try around and make som sketches.

You may also study a book about the timeless way of building This book includes 253 patterns what towns and houses need for a happy living.

In any way just go on and play with the idea. It will grow. If you have an idea, send us your sketches and Ideas and we start to find a way to make vor house become reality.

Possibly there will be some drawbacks as no timber available. Or no construction team. In these cases we may have already solutions.

During the next time there will be new blog post and articles about nature retreat building.  Just stay connected.